ProTrach® XtraCare™

A tracheostomy means that humidification and filtration functions are lost. Combining an HME with a filter provides you with more than humidification. It also provides very effective filtration, for extra protection.


ProTrach XtraCare provides humidification and improves lung health

ProTrach XtraCare provides better lung health by heating and moisturizing the inhaled air. Regular use of a Heat and Moisture Exchanger (HME) is known to reduce mucus production and coughing in the majority of neck breathers, and to improve quality of life. A traditional HME humidifies the inhaled air, but does not filter effectively. Therefore it does not adequately prevent viruses, bacteria and other fine airborne particles from entering the airways.


ProTrach XtraCare offers excellent virus, bacteria and airborne particle filtration

An electrostatic filter can effectively reduce the inhalation of viruses, bacteria and fine airborne particles via the tracheostomy. The viruses, bacteria and airborne particles collide with the filter fibers. In addition, the electrostatic capacity makes it possible to also attract and capture the particles. It is this double filtering mechanism that enables the excellent ProTrach XtraCare filtering.

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