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New night-time solution

Provox Luna is a new night-time solution to help you prepare for better days.

We all know that a good night sleep means everything during the day. Using Provox Luna during the night allows you to sleep comfortably, soothe your skin and improve your lung health, while at the same time helping you to have a better day.

With better days, you can go for a walk, be more active, work in the garden, go shopping or other things you enjoy. And you may have less mucus and coughing, redness and irritated skin

This is Provox Luna

  • Soft and smooth for night-time comfort
  • Made of hydrogel to soothe and cool the skin
  • Superior humidification compared to other HMEs *
  • Low breathing resistance for easy night-time breathing
  • Side openings to prevent occlusion while sleeping

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Sleep Comfortably

What you wear when you go to sleep is usually soft and comfortable. When it comes to your stoma, you should also be as comfortable as possible. Nothing should get in the way of a good night’s sleep.

To provide maximum comfort, the Luna HME is made of silicone. It is soft, white and smooth. There are two openings in the sides to make breathing comfortable, even if clothes or sheets accidentally cover the HME.

The Luna Adhesive is designed to be soft and smooth on your skin, to allow you to sleep comfortably. The ring is smaller and softer for comfort, regardless of sleeping position.


“Made sleeping easier. The Luna adhesive just had a softer and less restrictive feeling.”

– User from the US

Soothe your skin

You may experience skin irritation, redness and soreness from time to time. If so, you should consider using a more gentle adhesive to help you soothe your skin at night.

The Luna Adhesive soothes your skin while you sleep and prepares your skin for using an adhesive and HME the following day.

The Luna Adhesive is made of hydrogel, which is widely used in skin and wound care. The hydrogel has been proven to have cooling and soothing effects.


“Much of the irritation was gone in the morning. The effect came after the second to third night. The skin rebounded better than not using anything at all.”

– User from the US

Improve your lung health

Having healthy lungs can help you enjoy going out, being active and doingthe things you like.

The Luna HME helps to improve your lung health. It keeps the air you

breathe more humid, and as a result you cough less. The Luna HME provides superior humidification compared to other HMEs, and it has a low breathing resistance for comfortable breathing.

Many people experience that using an HME day and night makes their days better. It becomes easier to go for walks, go shopping, see friends, or do sports.


“Now I can use an HME even at night”

– User from the UK

Learn more about Provox Luna

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