Provox Life Heat and Moisture Exchangers


HMEs help you to breathe better a laryngectomy

We have designed six interchangeable Heat and Moisture Exchangers (HMEs) that mimic the function of your upper airways and cover your needs for every occasion. These high performing HMEs ensure the right balance between humidification and breathability after your laryngectomy.

Introduction to Provox Life products

Provox Life Home HME

Home HME is designed to improve your lung health when you are taking it easy at home. Like all Provox Life HMEs, it features a wider-than-standard diameter which optimizes humidification and breathability for healthier lungs.

In addition, Provox Life Home HME has the highest humidification level of the daytime HMEs, for your at-home activities that don’t require deep breathing, helping you improve your lung health throughout the day.


Provox Life Go HME

Provox Life Go HME provides lower breathing resistance, helping make it easier to breathe when you are out and about and engaging in daily activities. This HME has a low profile and a smooth rounded form for a more discreet look.

The wider-than-standard diameter and less dense foam has enabled optimized breathability while still providing good humidification – helping you maintain good lung health, when out and about.


Provox Life Night HME

Provox Life Night HME helps reduce coughing for more restful nights. It offers high humidification which helps reduce mucus production and coughing, allowing you to rest while improving lung health.


Provox Life Protect HME

When you are away from home and need extra protection, e.g. travelling on buses, trains or airplanes; or when shopping or spending time outdoors, Provox Life Protect HME has a comfortable breathing resistance that not only warms and humidifies the air you breathe

It also effectively filters bacteria, viruses, dust, and pollen. Since you breathe through your neck stoma, it is important to protect your airway upon inhalation, as well as protect the people around you during exhalation.


Provox Life Energy HME

Provox Life Energy HME is an HME that has good humidification and low breathing resistance, which is perfect for when you are physically active.

So now you can choose your HME to suit more active situations and get more out of life after a laryngectomy.


Provox Life FreeHands HME

Designed to allow hands-free speech in an easy-to-use device, FreeHands Flexivoice will let you do everyday activities such as driving and cooking, while talking hands-free

Combined with the Provox Life FreeHands HME, you will experience optimized humidification of the air you breathe.