Provox® Life™ LaryTube Fenestrated

For maintaining the opening of the tracheostoma

Provox Life LaryTube Fenestrated is used to attach Provox Life™ HMEs and accessories. For a patient with a shrinking tracheostoma it also can be used to maintain the opening of the tracheostoma. Provox Life LaryTube Fenestrated supports speech for those who use a voice prosthesis.

Available in Standard to be secured with Provox LaryClips or Provox TubeHolder.

As you are healing, your stoma may shrink. This is normal, but if it becomes too small, it could become difficult to breathe. If this happens, contact your clinician or emergency medical professionals immediately. You may need a Provox Life LaryTube (a soft silicone tube) to keep your stoma open. Just like an adhesive, this holds your Provox Life™ HME in place so that you can always wear it.

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