Provox® TruTone® EMOTE®

High-quality aid for more natural expression

Advanced, premium-quality speech aid for a more natural expression

An electrolarynx is often used right after surgery, before healing enough to speak with a voice prosthesis. Many also choose to use an electrolarynx as a backup, or a temporary means of communication.

Key Features
  • Intuitive adjustments, no tools needed
  • Easy-set modes for push-button simplicity
  • Quick and easy monotone modes
  • Allows changes in voice volume from whispering to loud
  • Allows for variance in the tone of voice for a more natural expression
  • Up to one month battery life and USB charging
  • Charges just like your phone
  • Most users experience 25-35 days between charges
  • Good speech intelligibility
  • Comfortable and ergonomic hourglass design
Supporting Material
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